Sitting on the banks of the river of time,
Watching Eternity float by with you,
Nations rise and fall,
Cultures drift towards the abyss,
Others flourish, trapped in time.

Like a tiny sculpture in a glass orb,
They drift on the river of time,
Sparkling, full of life
Each one unique,
Yet a bit similar,
Pick one my dear,
Explore without fear.

Your eyes sparkle,
Gaze locked on the orbs floating by,
Twinkling like a perfect night sky,
filled with the lights of heaven.
Examining each one,
Waiting for the perfect moment,
Your hand dips into the river,
Returning with one that captivates you most.

The orb shatters in your firm grip,
Spirits are released from within,
Holding hands,
The waters rise to claim us as it’s treasure.

Taken into a new realm,
A world not seen by us before,
Embracing you,
We spin beneath the surface,
In pure water untouched by humans,
Underneath the surface,
We can see past Eternity.

My heart stops as your eyes widen,
You expel your final breath,
Eyes softening,
You realize there is no need to breathe,
Feeling your heart beat faster,
Both mesmerized, excited,
Your senses overwhelmed,
We enter the world of Gods.

Blending in perfectly,
Your radiant beauty lights up the realm,
The river departs into a fine mist,
We descend from the clouds,
Landing on a soft mound of Earth,
Lush grass surrounds us within a meadow of lavender,
This realm is ready,
Ready for you to explore,
Ready for you to adorn to your hearts content.

Kissing you softly,
Lost in your body,
Hearing your thoughts,
My hands are guided over every inch of your body.
Gazing deeply in your eyes,
Enjoying your shape from every angle imaginable.

Holding you gently as the sun sets,
The lights of heaven emerge to fill a perfect night sky,
Sleeping in each other’s arm,
We wait for the sunrise.

The sun awakens us to a world created just for you,
A world that responds to your hearts desires,
The first world you’ll explore on an infinite journey,
A world you can return to at a moments notice,
Walking toward the sun,
We feed and travel into the unknown.