I like to write a lot, its a hobby and a pass time for me. Because it is a hobby and I don’t get paid to write, I get to focus on a bunch of different topics. Pretty much whatever interests me.

Writing on a bunch of different topics leads to a bunch of reading because if you want to write about something, you at least have to learn what its about so there is some research involved. You have to talk to people who write in those fields and areas to make sure nobody has covered the topic yet so you don’t end up rehashing somebody elses work. There are copyright issues and the risk of committing plagiarism which is important to a writer, even a hobbyist or non-professional.

Committing copyright theft or plagiarism is a sure way to ensure that nobody will read your work or take you seriously because they’ll consider you a poser, poor business partner that introduces major risk for a lawsuit, or a little wanna be that is just imitating somebody else’s work and style.

Note that this is different than obtaining licenses, using references, linking to the original source and  incorporating open source or open copyright authorships into your own work. The most popular method of obtaining and providing open copyrights is through Creative Commons which allows you to provide a license based on different criteria. With Creative Commons you can provide an open copyright license for non-commercial use only that is available for personal websites, blogs and portfolios but not for making money off of it.

I write that in broad sense because copyrights cover not only articles, documents, reports, policies, books, novels and screen play but also computer source code, graphic design, photography, videography, choreography and live performances.

Going back to writing, my writing interests are in technology, the legal field, first hand medical research, Government, the Armed Forces, and Human Biology. I don’t really write about organized sports because I don’t really understand them that well and I’m not into writing about travel because I’m just getting started with that. If I do decide to write on more topics, the sports that I already do as a hobby would be next on the list and travel writing seems like a good fit if I end up getting a chance to travel more and more frequently.

As and important note, I do not work for the Government or the Armed Forces. They were just complex topics to study and write about in modern English. The research actually requires studying Rome, Athens, Persia, Egypt and Mesopotamia and learning as much about the languages, customs and traditions as possible. It helps to learn Russian, German and an Asian language like Japanese or Chinese. French and Italian are also helpful but then you are getting into the modern government which spans from about the 1500s to today.

Languages to know in order to understand ancient texts and how people spoke include Cyrillic, Sanscrit, Latin, Hieroglyphics and Kanji. Latin is kind of an intermediary language between the Ancient world and Midevil or Ecclesiastical Spanish which evolved into Modern Spanish alongside Modern English. My introduction to Midevil Spanish was the Reina Valeriana Christian Bible and the King James Christian Bible both of which I learned as a child.

Reading those two books sparked an appetite for reading as a child because it put my brain into turbo reading mode and when I wasn’t studying those books, I was usually reading children’s books “as a snack”. I began writing outside of school when I was a teenager, first by keeping a journal and then by writing poetry and hip hop songs. I stopped writing for a while and got back into writing by doing technical write ups which led to researching contract law and and governance. Through contract law and governance research, I got into reading about human biology and medical research and eventually found stuff that hadn’t been written about or covered thoroughly enough or was not initially written clearly. So now, I’m back to writing as a hobby when I’m bored or have a little extra free time.