Hello. I’m Josh

I started this website because people kept asking me about my social media sites. Do I have a Facebook, do I have a LinkedIn, do I have snapchat, Instagram, or what’s app. The answer was always no. I did have a Facebook for a while but my ‘friends’ on Facebook where all people I talked to every week so I deleted it because it was filled with stuff I already knew was happening. Kind of like, remember this thing that happened five minutes ago? Facebook also started linking me to people I’ve never met and who I didn’t want to be associated with. Given law enforcement’s trend at the time to use social media to conduct racial profiling and probable cause for criminal investigations, I decided it was best to delete it.

I do use Twitter, my feed on Twitter is similar to what my Facebook wall used to be like. It combines my news, entertainment, and actual interests through the people I follow, like, and interact with. It’s very business friendly, has a business casual environment, and is a big enough platform to be used by government and journalists to communicate live.

My tweets are public and include topics I’m interested in and support. Those same topics are reflected on this website. I don’t think it is ethical for anybody to go beyond my Twitter account and this public website to learn more about it. Not only do I consider it an invasion of privacy, it is an attack on my person. An attack that gives me the right to protect myself through international human rights legislation.