I’m a Los Angeles native, computer geek, wannabe upstanding citizen and lover of Earth.

My views on life are a bit of a contrast to the way I grew up but not too far off. Nowadays my interests lie in physical and mental health, the environment, continuous self improvement and helping others. It took a while to figure out but the concept of Pay It Forward is a constant part of my life.

Church and Christianity were always present as a child and I will continue to esteem many of it’s teachings. Over the years I’ve met people from many different religions who showed kindness, selflessness, charity, and courage. I’d hate to stop being friends with them because their path in life is different. While I do value many of the things I learned in different churches, Jesus said love everybody so that takes precedent for me.

Besides church; school, reading and the L.A. scene were big influencers growing up. Most Angelenos feel extremely lucky to be able to go hiking in the morning, head to the beach for afternoon snorkeling, and finish the day with dinner at a trendy restaurant. If you plan right you can avoid traffic and spend less than $30 bucks.

Libraries, farmers markets, museums, and art galleries would probably round out my list of interests.