About Me

I was born in Los Angeles and moved to South Dakota in 2012.

My views on life are a bit of a contrast to the way I grew up since there were a lot of Chicanos around and I don’t agree with a lot of their philosophy. I’m proud to be Latino and American and consider myself of mixed Native American and European decent with my immediate ancestry coming from Central America. I don’t necessarily like a lot of American popular culture (e.g. drugs, gangs, apps, t.v. and movies). My interests would be considered more “classic American” since I’m into nature, the environment, hiking, swimming, forests, the ocean, cooking, baking, and just lounging around not doing anything. If I could, I’d retire to a farm and sip ice tea on the porch everyday while sitting in a rocking chair.

Church and Christianity were a big part of my life as a child and I will continue to esteem many of it’s teachings but I don’t necessarily believe in it other than as a tradition. Over the years I’ve met people from many different religions who showed kindness, selflessness, charity, and courage. I’d hate to live in a world where we can’t talk because I’m a Christian and they’re not.

Professionally, I work with computers doing IT work in the fields of computer network security and software programming. I’ve been doing it since 2005 and find it pretty run of the mill at this point and don’t like to talk about computers outside of work.