The FAQ page is to cover common questions I get with short answers. The blog or article reviews will cover other questions and link to organizations that focus on certain areas.

What religions have you studied?

Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Mormonism, Wicca, Buddhism, Hare Krishna, Satanism, Vampirism, Luciferianism, Druidism, Shamanism, Nihilism, Epicurism, and a few others I’ll add later as I remember them.

I have not necessarily practiced all of the religions but have at least talked with an active practitioner from each one.

What computer languages do you know?

C#, PHP, Bash, MySQL (MariaDB), MS SQL, SQL Stored Procedures, JavaScript, C++, Java, XML, Powershell, DOS, Visual Basic, VB.NET and probably a few others I forgot about.

What design paradigms do you know and can implement?

MVC, n-tier, OOP

How many languages do you speak?

Just English and Spanish. I’m trying to learn Russian and, or Chinese if anybody wants to practice.

I can also at least say hello in the following languages: French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Hawaiian, Russian.

I’ve looked at Hieroglyphics, Cuneiform, Sanskrit, and Aramaic as written languages but their pretty hard to learn without a dedicated teacher. I’ve also read up, watched online lessons on Old English and Medieval Latin. Fun stuff.

Where have you traveled?

I have an unstamped passport that I got in 2015. So far, I’ve only traveled in the U.S.

California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii and Wyoming.

What do you think of the Illuminati and New World Order?

I think a lot of the rhetoric is used as a distraction or scape goat. The Illuminati from the 1700’s were persecuted as witches and warlocks, much like the women of Salem, MA.

Enlightenment or an educated and polite society have been responsible for the renaissance, iron age, industrial revolution, and todays technological advancements. Human rights and the push for equality also come from the search for truth and enlightenment. I don’t view that as a bad thing.

In regards to a one world government, it takes good communication and excellent diplomatic relationships to coordinate things like food distribution, water sanitation, disease control, and recovery from natural disasters. Whether it happens through Imperialism or a global council like the U.N. doesn’t really matter in the long run.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

It depends on the situation. Most of the time, I don’t find it necessary to be loud and voice every thought that passes through my mind when people talk to me in a social setting. I also don’t mumble while staring at my feet or try to find a corner to hide in and count the seconds until I can get home to recharge.

Most introverts, just speak when spoken too and are very social about things they are passionate about. Extroverts can experience shyness in new settings where they don’t know anybody and definitely tire at events eventually.

So it depends, when in Rome.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Hiking, sleeping, napping, reading, writing, drawing, coloring, exercise, running, jogging, bicycling, cooking, baking, swimming, SCUBA, and snorkeling. I’m not good at all of them but I like doing them.