Walking the Earth searching for fulfillment,
Longing for a bit of fresh air,
Hoping for that small spark that will put the heavens at rest.

Your scent is carried toward me,
Gliding gently against the spin of the Earth.

More intoxicating than the strongest drink,
My world shatters, and I am drawn towards yours.

Longing for your touch,
Dreaming of your exquisite taste,
Dripping softly softly into bliss,
Into my world,
A world incomplete without you.

Each breath you exhale, brings fantasy closer to reality,
The atmosphere is filled with your essence,
It surrounds me, I’m in heaven on Earth.

Drawn closer to you with each breath,
The desire to see paradise becomes a distant memory,
Lost in the rise and fall of your chest,
Lost in your warm embrace,
I don’t want to be found.

Lost within you,
Savoring the nectar of a Goddess,
My senses are overloaded with your touch,
I can’t get enough, my body begs for more.

Your breath sparks life into my world,
The brightest Summer sun can’t compare to your radiance,
I stand in awe at your beauty,
My utmost desire,
Is to kiss you passionately on every inch of your body.

To breathe the air that you breathe,
To have the fortune to gaze upon you,
Is a heavenly gift, priceless and without equal.

Losing myself within you,
Lost beneath the sea in the middle of a storm,
I don’t want to be found,
For I’ve found bliss in the breath of a Goddess.