Tragedy takes many forms,
It can come in many different sizes
Might stir up anger, sadness, grief, or hate
Emptyness for loved ones not beside us

Hard to see past opaque clouds, when tragedy first strikes,
Endless thoughts about words not said, and the preciousness of life.
Angel’s lights extinguished early, can cause excrutiating pain,
Looking forward to a silver lining is hard when you can’t see through the rain.
Some say tragedy builds character, I choose to sing a different song,

Love and kindness for those still with us, treasured memories for those now gone.
Other people like to see us hurt, relegated to the shadows,
Voices silenced, timid whispers, afraid to tell the neighbors hello.
Everybody makes decisions, let your light diminish or shine bright

Even Patrons feel much sorrow, when darkness seems to make and endless night,
Valiant minds and selfless heroes, can serve as quite an inspirations,
Ever present when there’s trouble, to help calm all the shaking,
Responding quickly under pressure without any hesitation.
Yesterday has passed, but tears may make it seem so near,
Overcoming grief can take some time, just don’t let that sadness turn to fear.
Not many know the answers of what tomorrow holds,
Each one of us working together, can help a new future unfold.

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