People often look for symbology during an attack whether it be for connecting dots or for conspiracy purposes. A good example of symbology in the U.K. attacks is the first and third attacks being carried out with a similar M.O. of using a car and knives as the weapon of choice while the second attack this year used a bomb similar to the one’s used during the Boston marathon in 2013.

With the London marathon partnering with the Boston marathon this year through Heads Together, there is a small chance that the London marathon was the original target. The security detail that was put in place due to Their Royal Highnesses presence may have caused the plan to be postponed for a much softer target. Two bombs were used in Boston and while only one bomb has been reported, the Times did report witnesses claiming to explosions went off.

The concert bombing was reported to be an attack on women and children. Moving along that train of thought London Bridge is featured in a popular nursery rhyme.

While some of these connections may seem absurd, the classical psychopath was known to leave calling cards and use similar M.O.s in order to send a message or for verifiable bragging rights. A murder mystery historian would look to cases such as Son of Sam, the Zodiac Killer, and even Jack the Ripper.

If terrorists have resorted to leaving calling cards, it is indeed troubling. If true, their level of comfort has increased beyond committing crimes against humanity to taunting and leaving riddles and puzzles for the police and military to find.

Solving these riddles is what allowed police to respond to London Bridge in 8 minutes and what has lead to the arrests of those targeting civilians before and after attacks. In many cases solving these riddles has prevented future attacks.

This year has proven that the U.K. is now a major target for extremists with France, the U.S. and Germany being the only other western countries who have experienced multiple attacks in a year during the last three years.

For the civilian population, it is important to not have a mindset of being resilient like a little cockroach,  but to be proactive and vigilant against hateful and angry people. It is important to remain calm, thrive in life and family, and to be confident that your way of life will prevail and will not be silenced. While some people like to dance in the rain, others learn to become the eye of the storm.