Passionate kisses all over your body,

Savor each inch, every spot is so lovely,

From the small of your back, to the top of your neck,

Falling deeper in bliss, with each soft, gentle, peck.

Gazing into your eyes,

Feels like I’m lost in the stars of the sky,

Locking lips with a Goddess,

My hands feel your heart beating inside.


Warm kisses cover your breasts,

Down to your silk, lacy garments,

Intricate patterns,

Can’t compare to you fully undressed.

Kisses inside your thighs,

Savor each drop that flows with delight,

Burn down the flames sparked,

As you guide me inside.


It’s you I desire,

And to see your desires fulfilled,

Floating through the heavens,

Sands of time standing still.