They say my heart is dark and trapped behind a thick brick wall,
Chained and locked in a steel box, hardly beating at all.
Some say much pain and suffering caused it to slowly to bleed,
That witnessing pure wicked things go about their deeds,
Helped cease the beat so I could meet the prince of the underworld,
Without fretting over shrills and screams pervasive in that realm.

The dark lord looked into my eyes and asked What do you wish to find?
Your innocence and heart’s desires prevents your soul from being mine.
But you can’t leave before before a tour to have you change your mind,
Lets fill your sight where blinding light meets the darkest depths of hell.

Before we depart you have the choice to leave here with one wish,
But I can see you’d ask for peace or tormented souls to be released.
So I’ll give you something special to make this potential trade of interest,
A power desired and sitting on top of every ruler and tyrants wish list.

The power’s been to great to date, for any innocent to resist
You’ll cross through time, dimensions, and space along with an extra wish,
You can’t request not anything that’s been already done
Your soul will die, fragments be mine, once your wish has had its run.

I looked at the dark lord and with great joy said you have yourself a deal!
I wish for you to call me Master, worship at my feet, and kneel,
Whenever you hear my hearts desire, I want you to make it happen
From this day forth your purpose is to make your Master happy.

Has this been wished? If it has not, I command you not to lie,
If it has not and you lie to your Master, your existence will border death and life,
I’ve read through your blood inked papers, with your past tormenters wishes,
You can have my soul as initial trade but my first order is you release it.

After one great shriek with blood red tears he whispered Master, it is done.
Your servant rests, I beg your words allow me to curse the blessed.
But first things first, you’ve asked of me, for your soul to be released,
And so your soul departs from me into the great abyss.

Servant retrieve my soul and place it in an enchanted jar,
Remove my heart and box it up, keep it chained and under lock.
Do not let any near it, unless they can make me whole,
And keep them both away from people that make me quickly grey and old.

Set the jar deep within the sea and make it difficult to find,
Keep the key to my heart in a forest, and the box sealed within a shrine.
Let the power hungry die in vain searching for the desires of your heart,
May meek, and humble, peaceful souls create the Earth’s new start.