Change the last octet for your DNS server’s from .12 to .14
e.g. xxx.xxx.xxx.12 to xxx.xxx.xxx.14

A few weeks ago I wrote about disabling Time Warner’s DNS Search, today I had to do the same thing for Verizon DSL. Time Warner has a preference page that you have to update everytime your dynamic IP changes and there is a link to the preference page on the search results. Verizon also has a link on their page which pretty much leads to instructions explaining how to do the above for your specific router.

If you are not very technical and have no clue what the first two lines of this post means, you can find step-by-step instructions¬†for your specific router¬†on this page. Just find your router’s model number (look under it), click on the link and follow the directions to update your DNS settings.