I close my eyes,

Free falling into pure ecstacy

Sorrounded by a vortex of pleasure,

Colorful clouds comfort my body,

Releasing my mind of all its troubles,

Held lovingly in the middle of a storm,

A wirlwind of passion keeps us together,

Our hearts knit closer with each breath,

The spark of life,

Beating steadily in your chest.


I open my eyes,

I catch a glipse of heaven,

Staring at the contours of your body,

Escaped from a perfect dimension to enter my reality,

Before me lies a treasure not even Gods are worthy to gaze upon,

A perfect Being, more precious than Angels

More splendid then a shimmering diamond,

Flawless, revealing its true clarity, free of imperfections.


My worlds collide,

As I observe all that spins around me,

Your essence is present in all that I see,

Every object I touch is filled with thoughts of you,

Standing still watching my worlds merge into one.


You are the eye of the storm,

A perfect storm, lovely beyond description,

Unequaled by the most beautiful gems,

Beyond compare by the prettiest rose,

A scent more pleasant than the bath houses of the Roman Gods,

Hair more inticate as the strings of time,

A face too worthy for mere mortals to gaze upon.


Your eyes glimmer,

New worlds within them waiting to spring to life,

Waiting until your heart stands still,

Waiting patiently on the path of The Eternal.


Each time your heart stands still,

New worlds rejoice as they’re sparked into existence,

Eager to dazzle you,

Excited at the prospect to feel your lovely heart beat again.