Many people find illegal immigration to be harmless and think people should be free to travel and be near family. While that argument for illegal immigration may seem reasonable it is an argument that encourages breaking the law, breaching international contracts between nations and prevents government officials from properly allocating resources. Some of the resources that the government must allocate include housing, jobs, food and water. While many people that work purchase their own food, the government must still make sure that enough food is grown of an acceptable quality and that it is shipped to the right places.

Similarly, the government must ensure that proper housing exists where societies highest producers are going to be encouraged and excited about starting families. High producers are the people that create new industries, create new processes and figure out how to solve difficult problems. These high producers create new industries, simplify processes and solve difficult problems often and efficiently.

Governments around the world do their best to prevent high producers from experiencing any discomfort so its important to be familiar with their opinions on illegal immigration and understand the environment they grow up in.  In addition to preventing discomfort, the government doesn’t want to do something that causes them to leave and work for, or under the jurisdiction of, another government. High producers leaving a certain area can often hinder government work and bring innovation and progress to a halt even when high producers don’t work for government or a major corporation.

Many times, people close to high producers try to keep their identities secret or pretend they are working with the high producers in order to defraud society and enrich themselves or they hold high producers hostage and force them into slave labor using psychological and physical torture which includes rape and forced drug use. The government tries to prevent this through ordinary law enforcement and usually starts monitoring children for unwanted acquaintances as soon as they start showing exceptional progress and high grades in school. This monitoring can often lead to creating specialized law enforcement task forces such as SARB, DARE, SANE and the FTC’s Division of Advertising Practices which monitors for psychologically manipulative ads that target school children among other things. The US Armed Forces OSI, NCIS and CID often participate in this youth monitoring by ensuring recruiters aren’t targeting children for recruitment or exposing them to the more horrific parts of war before the age of 16. This monitoring can be suffocating, especially when these exceptional humans are young adults so adjustments are made with the consensus of the entire group of exceptional young humans as long as the adjustments are both lawful and healthy.

Despite all this monitoring and allowing for a little bit of flexibility for their behaviour as long as it remains lawful; Illegal immigrants are one of the governments biggest road blocks in getting high producers to date other high producers and start families so they can pass on their skills and genetics to another generation. From the high producers point of view; Illegal immigrants are unable to fill out a simple form or engage with the government for assistance and often have behaviour in addition to lying and disdain for government that causes high producers to constantly suffer from annoyance, depression and loss of interest in their environment and habitat when illegal immigrants live nearby. The high producers often volunteer and spend time with the mentally ill, mentally unhealthy, mentally challenged and mentally handicapped so are aware that inability to fill out a form shouldn’t be seen as a catastrophic event. However, discovery that illegal immigrants are able but unwilling to fill out a visa form or a work permit and that Mexico has published a pamphlet on sneaking into the US has caused high producers so much stress and undue anxiety that many refuse to work at professional, high paying jobs where their skills are in shortage and high demand.

This has caused the birth rate to decline to almost 0 in the worlds most advanced countries and developed nations like the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Japan because these high producers no longer have the financial resources necessary to afford stable housing in low crime, highly educated communities or the desire to date around and find someone to start a family with. Even people of modest education are becoming worried of this epidemic because they feel their children will be the ones who will need to solve all the difficult problems and it may end up being too much of a burden for them. While many people are still having babies, it is mostly average people and occasionally a high producer, not enough to prevent the world from going into chaos as early as 2020 and no later than 2050 if things don’t change.

People who are high producers rarely, if ever break the law since they have no need to steal, join gangs for “protection” or lie about what they are doing. They mostly have professional, well paying jobs; are able to call the police or military if there is a problem; and do not feel obligated to brag, boast or engage in other behaviour to inflate their ego. As children they spend most of their time studying books or playing outside with limited time for television, video games or comic books. They also do not steal or touch other people’s property without permission because this is one of the first behaviours they learn as children. Lying is also a foreign concept to many of them since lying hinders devising solutions to difficult problems and can lead to duplicate work and loss of time.

This can seem like a huge contrast to popular culture, drug culture, gang culture and even “Christianity” which has many cult like behaviours and condones breaking the law, breaching contracts, engaging in criminal activity and even breaching its own moral code of behaviour and conduct since they believe “Jesus” will absolve them of any wrong doing when they ask for forgiveness at Sunday’s church service.

Illegal immigration is one of the areas many “Christians” support which goes against their own biblical teaching of “give unto Caesar what is Caesars” which means obey the laws of the secular government. Many churches across the nation support illegal immigration and even assist the criminal networks of Mexican drug cartels in people smuggling and end up indebted to them for lost revenues when one of the church staff goes to the police to “come clean of their sins”. This “Christian” behaviour angers high producers to no end because churches have traditionally been tax free organizations and “Christians” claim to be law abiding and morally ethical as a group.

Across the nation, illegal immigration has grown and has spawned a homeless crises in the states of California, Oregon and even Washington State. Many illegal immigrants in these states end up homeless or end up displacing law abiding citizens when illegal immigrant sympathizers commit fraud in order to pay illegal immigrants for work they do “under the table. These sympathizers also commit fraud in order to house illegal immigrants, often times getting them signed up on a government programs using information obtained through identity theft on a US Citizen. In other cases, they pay the illegals cash under the table and allow the illegals to pay rent in cash. The housing is then marked as “vacant” but nobody is ever available to show the property and if you happen to show up with a good credit report and pay stubs, they want double of what the housing is actually worth. In this way, illegal immigration also reduces the available housing.

According to high producers, many illegal immigrants are poor, low skilled workers or anarchists who have a strong disdain towards any government and often come to the USA because their own home government does not want them. Given these factors, it is no surprise they deteriorate the quality of life for the communities they settle in. Illegal immigrants tend to permeate a culture of not talking to the police, not reporting wrong doing and not reporting problems with the community that can end up causing public health issues. They are perceived by high producers as living like a cockroach waiting for someone to turn the lights off so they can scurry around and collect the crumbs everyone else leaves behind. This is not the image that high producers want for the USA.