I started using Twitter back in 2010 and paid for followers just to see what would happen. I then started what has become known as a “Tweet Storm” which is basically using Twitter as a micro blog.

From my point of view, nobody would really notice. I grew up on the internet so was used to big geek trends going unnoticed. Eventually I got bored and deleted my account picking it up again in 2012 but not really doing anything with it.

Here are some tips for getting started with a new Twitter account if nobody really knows who you are.

  • Follow people and organizations you have a common interest with.
  • Tweet about things that actually interest you and you know something about.
  • Follow people who are new, like and retweet things you agree with.
  • Don’t try to guess which tags or accounts will go viral. Be yourself.
  • After a tweet storm, slow down. Give people time to digest the content.

From a marketing perspective there are a few more things to consider such as converting hype on Twitter into product sales, sponsorships, donations, or event participation. Tracking engagement is important and it’s best to consult with a marketing expert but you might want to:

  • Check your analytics, even tweets with no favorites or retweets can be getting hits.
  • Pay attention to what you were doing when you lose followers.
    • Decide if fans are more important than what you tweeted about.
  • Link your website to Twitter.

There are lots of YouTubers with tutorials on how to get started there. Search YouTube for videos on “Video Blogging Tutorials” most of those tips and the ones on this page can be applied to any social media platform.