These basic rules of the United Nations are a preliminary course to international trade and global entrepreneurship. Violating international laws, conventions and treaties that have been agreed upon by all parties including the United States is not the best way to start a global business.

A global business requires enough personnel to complete tasks and orders assigned to the business and enough funding to process the payroll of all the employees, vendors and contractors. Not processing payroll for your employees when you are an international corporation will find you guilty of violating the human rights of your employees. Specifically, you will be guilty of violating Article 23 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A small global business with 100 employees each being offered $65,000 USD per year requires a payroll of $6.5 million per year which is over $540,000 per month just for the payroll. This does not include rent, equipment, utilities, import/export fees, transportation costs, shipping costs,  software licensing costs, attorney costs, accounting costs or taxes owed to the government. In general, a business of this size will need to make $10 to $15 million dollars in sales or more per year and may still end up on the brink of insolvency.

The reality of entrepreneurship needs to be set straight because Silicon Valley has made it seem that a single person making $50k USD per year through self employment is an extraordinary feat. The USA is well known for single person businesses where the owner makes $300k to $600k per year so while making the median salary without an employer is commendable, a more appropriate term is self-employed. It is also advisable that if you are working on the internet, to not assume that you will not be investigated or fined for doing things that you did not know where illegal. The biggest issues on the internet are paying taxes to the areas where services are performed. If you do not have a multi-state or international lawyer and accountant. The best advice is to get local clients and then work for them remotely which is perfectly fine if you self employed or doing business to business contracts through a small corporation.